Wimborne Spring Green Festival: Seedy Saturday

Saturday 17th April – 10am-4pm

TIC and Fair Ground Shop

Wilding Wimborne is a community group that wants to encourage everyone to grow more flowers for pollinators to help reverse the decline in insect populations.  We also want to encourage people to grow their own vegetables – all in a sustainable way.

Come to the Tourist Information Centre in the High Street or the Fair Ground shop in the Cornmarket on Seedy Saturday, collect some seeds – and get sowing! A small donation is suggested so we can self-fund for future years.

More information at: facebook.com/wildingwimborne/

Wimborne Spring Green Festival: Let’s Talk Rubbish

Saturday 17th April  – 10:30am-12noon

Facebook Drop in

Join Linda & Sarah from WWoW & Win on Waste on Facebook for a drop-in Q&A session about rubbish:

  • ‘How can I recycle ……?’
  • ‘What are the alternatives to ……?’
  • ‘Where do I take my empty crisp packets?’
  • ‘What’s the difference between the two groups?’

There are no silly questions!

As Sir David Attenborough said, ‘One thing we can all do to help the planet is reduce our waste.’


Wimborne Spring Green Festival: Accessible Crafts for Well-being

Saturday 17th April 2.30pm

During the last year or so, more of us than ever have connected with nature for both our exercise and well-being.  How many of us have noticed things that would have normally  passed us by?

Join us for an hour of mindful and easy, nature-based art and craft designed for all ages and abilities? We will have a go at drawing, making and relaxation – all done at your own pace.

Booking essential.

Book here: https://museumofeastdorset.co.uk/project/accessible-crafts-for-wellbeing-zoom-workshop/

Wimborne Spring Green Festival: Wimborne Otters on the Stour – Paul Turton

Saturday 17th April 7.30pm

Paul Turton will talk about his role as a UKWOT conservation officer, the rehab that they do and about the cable tied otter from 2019.

PRICE – £3, £5

Book here: https://museumofeastdorset.co.uk/project/zoom-talk-wimborne-otters-on-the-stour-by-paul-turton/

Wimborne Spring Green Festival: Virtual Community Litterpick

Sunday 18th April 

Sign up for one hour between

11am & 3pm

Plastic Free Wimborne invite you to do a community litter-pick near you. Pickers, bags, high-vis & gloves can be borrowed.

Email wimbornewaronwaste@gmail.com to register your interest and for a Zoom link to join the start at 11am. When you finish, share your photos on social media or send us a photo of the collected rubbish. Finale Zoom at 3.30pm to share all your successes!

Wimborne Spring Green Festival: Storytelling: Tall Tales from the Trees

Sunday 18th April 3pm

Brought to you by Sting in the Tale…

What kind of treasure do trees hold in their roots? Why should you never ignore  the fairy folk?

Lisa Schneidau tells traditional stories from the woodlands of Britain, full of leafiness and springtime inspiration.

Booking essential at: eventbrite.co.uk/e/tall-tales-from-the-trees-with-environmental-storyteller-lisa-schneidau-tickets-146613971335

Wimborne Spring Green Festival: Doughnut Economics – Rob Pearce

Sunday 18th April 5pm

Doughnut Economics is a theory developed by Kate Raworth from Oxford University which frames humanity’s 21st-century challenge as ensuring that no one falls short of life’s essentials while collectively we live within the ecological limits of this one planet.

Booking essential. Tickets (small charge) from: https://museumofeastdorset.co.uk/project/doughnut-economics-zoom-a-ted-talk-and-discussion-with-rob-pearce/

Wimborne Spring Green Festival: Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill – Joanna Bury

Sunday 18th April 7pm

The world faces the twin threats of climate change and ecological catastrophe. The Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill is our one and only chance. We must all lobby our MPs to support it. Learn about the CEE Bill and the actions we can take to persuade our MPs.

Booking essential. Tickets (small charge) from: https://museumofeastdorset.co.uk/project/the-climate-ecology-emergency-bill-zoom-talk/

Wimborne Spring Green Festival: Wild Brownsea – Nicki Tutton

Monday 19th April 7.30pm

Nicki will talk about the project to improve access and interpretation on Brownsea Island. 

Booking essential. Tickets (small charge) from: https://museumofeastdorset.co.uk/project/wild-brownsea-zoom-talk-by-nicki-tutton/

Wimborne Spring Green Festival: A community campaign to reduce litter – Sophie Colley

Tuesday 20th April 7.30pm

Working alongside the community to reduce the social, economic and environmental impacts of litter, LFD tries to stop littering behaviour in the first place through implementing campaigns, policy and co-producing projects to reduce waste and litter in Dorset. Sophie Colley will be sharing some of the behaviour-change theory behind the Litter Free campaigns.

Booking essential. Tickets (small charge) from: https://museumofeastdorset.co.uk/project/litter-free-dorset-a-community-campaign-to-reduce-litter/


Wimborne Spring Green Festival: Wildlife-friendly Gardening – Katie Wilkinson

Wednesday 21st April 2.30pm

There are 15 million gardens in the UK with a total acreage greater than all our national nature reserves put together, so what you do in your garden matters.  Katie will share ideas and inspiration so you can create your own garden haven to help our wildlife thrive.

Booking essential. Tickets (small charge) from: https://museumofeastdorset.co.uk/project/wildlife-friendly-gardening-with-katie-wilkinson-zoom-talk/

Wimborne Spring Green Festival: The RNLI Sustainable Story – Anna Frizzel

Wednesday 21st  April 7.30pm

Planet Wimborne launches with a talk from Anna, telling us about the RNLI’s commitment to eliminating or reducing its negative impacts on the environment and to becoming a low-carbon, zero-waste-to-landfill and climate-resilient organisation in the future.

Booking essential. Tickets (small charge) from: https://museumofeastdorset.co.uk/project/the-rnli-sustainable-story-with-anna-frizzel-zoom-talk/

Wimborne Spring Green Festival: Children’s Crafts – Megan Dunford

Thursday 22nd April 4.30pm

Suitable for ages 7-12.

What do you hope and dream of for your world and wildlife around you? Learn how you can support your local community to be more environmental, whilst we all do some making and creating on Zoom!

Join this fun workshop with artist and nature enthusiast Megan. During the hour, you will work towards creating your own special zine, featuring some nature-inspired arty activities!

Booking essential. Tickets (small charge) from: https://museumofeastdorset.co.uk/project/hopes-and-dreams-for-my-earth-zine-with-megan-dunford-zoom-art-workshop-2/  

Wimborne Spring Green Festival: Film: 2040 Join the Regeneration

Thursday 22nd April – Earth Day – 6-9pm

2040 is an innovative feature documentary that looks to the future, but is vitally important NOW. Award-winning director Damon Gameau embarks on a journey to explore what the future would look like by the year 2040 if we simply embraced the best solutions already available to us to improve our planet and shifted them into the mainstream.

Cost £2.00. Booking essential.

Tickets: www.creativedynamo.net/tickets/

Wimborne Spring Green Festival: Countryside Mysteries – John Wright

Friday 23rd April 7.30pm

John Wright, the forager at River Cottage, will share a preview of his new book, Countryside Mysteries, due out in the autumn. John will explain the strange and amazing things we may find when out for a country walk – and why it’s good to understand more about them.

Booking essential. Tickets (small charge) from: https://museumofeastdorset.co.uk/project/countryside-mysteries-with-river-cottage-forager-author-john-wright-zoom-talk/

Wimborne Spring Green Festival: Green Gardeners’ Question Time

Saturday 24th April 2.30pm

Put your questions to our four expert gardeners:

  • David Morgan, Chairman of Wimborne Horticultural Society;
  • Dan Benson from Brothers Farm, Stapehill;
  • Caps Browning from Dig for Victory Wimborne Facebook group; 
  • James Rolleston from Stone’s Throw Veg.

Please email questions in advance with the subject ‘Green Gardeners’ to Wimbornegreenfestival@gmail.com

Booking essential. Tickets (small charge) from: https://museumofeastdorset.co.uk/project/wimborne-horticultural-society-present-gardeners-green-question-time-zoom/

Wimborne Spring Green Festival: Hopes and Dreams for my Earth Zine

Saturday 24th April 3pm

Suitable for ages 7-12.

What do you hope and dream of for your world and the wildlife around you? Learn how you can support your local community to be more environmental, whilst we all do some making and creating on Zoom!

Join this fun workshop with artist and nature enthusiast Megan. During the hour, you’ll work towards creating your own special zine, featuring some nature-inspired arty activities!

Booking essential. Tickets (small charge) from: https://museumofeastdorset.co.uk/project/hopes-and-dreams-for-my-earth-zine-with-megan-dunford-zoom-art-workshop/

Wimborne Spring Green Festival: How to be sustainable(ish) with kids in tow

Saturday 24th April 7.30pm

Trying to be ‘eco’ with kids in tow can add an extra dimension to the challenges we all face when it comes to making sustainable(ish) changes.

Come and hear some tips and ideas for how to get the rest of the family on board.

Booking essential. Tickets (small charge) from: https://museumofeastdorset.co.uk/project/how-to-be-sustainableish-with-kids-in-tow-jen-gale-zoom-talk/